Kelsey- Calgary Lifestyle Photographer


Kelsey is a passionate advocate for holistic self-care and has spent the past 5 years educating women on all things health, wellness and natural beauty through workshops, one on one sessions and online coaching programs. It was through this passion for health and wellness that Kelsey launched her latest venture, a values driven creative services company that supports all of the wonderful companies she was already sharing with her humans and blogging about on a regular basis.

Through Founded in Beauty, Kelsey offers thought-provoking written copy, original visual content and mindful social strategy that places her clients in front of their target audience so they can increase reach, engagement and ultimately, sales.

I have had the pleasure to photograph on a couple of different occasions and she couldn’t take a bad photo if she tried. She is just glowing. Kels is also one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and I’m so happy that she came into my life!xoxo,

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