Naturally You


Lately I have had a really strong desire and felt really inspired to photograph women in their most vulnerable state. Half naked. The strength, love and beauty these women show just blows me away. I couldn’t count the amount of times I hear, “Oh i’ll get my photo taken when I lose 20 pounds” or “I would never do that i’m too fat” or “When i get a smoking body, you can take my photo.”

NO NO NO. This is all wrong. Your body IS smokin’. RIGHT NOW. Your heart beats, you are alive and you are thriving. You have a fat roll? So what. You have stretch marks? Who cares. Screw what society says is right and what is wrong. You are you. You are unique. You are loved. And you are worthy. YOU ARE FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

So I introduce you to Naturally You. A photo session based all on self love and beauty. I want to give you something to love and cherish forever. I want to remind you of how beautiful you really are. For you to see yourself through others’ eyes. There is no right body. There is no wrong body. It’s YOUR body. Treat it right, show it some love. You truly are beautiful. I just want you to see that.

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