Vicky + Victor- Calgary Intimate Wedding Photographer


I can’t stress how much I love genuinely nice humans. One of my teachers at NAIT referred me to Victor & Vicky and with that I am so thankful. Not only did I get to photograph a beautiful rooftop wedding, but I got to meet 2 incredible people and spend a day with them and their family. Their family reminded me a bit of mine when we all get together- a lot of conversation, a lot of smiling and a lot of forcing you to eat. Must be an asian thing 

Following their intimate rooftop ceremony, Victor and Vicky changed into a traditional Chinese outfit for a tea ceremony. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a tea ceremony it’s when the couple serves their guests tea (couple by couple) to express their gratitude. In exchange, their guests gift them with a red envelope. (In Chinese culture money is always placed in red envelopes. Red symbolizes luck and good fortune) Parents and grandparents sometimes also present jewelry as a gift. The couple should always wear the jewelry right away to show their appreciation.

Their whole day was so beautiful and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to meet so many incredible people and to do this for a living.

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