Sam + Alex- Calgary Love Photographer


I will be forever grateful for people who trust me to capture their love and for opening up and being vulnerable in front of a camera. I love how in the moment couples get and make nothing else matter except those two hours together.

“These pictures will always mean so much to us. Before these pictures we had a whirlwind of a couple of days with a lot of uncertainty. The next day, we had found out that Alex had cancer. It was an hour where our minds were clear and we were able to be present in the moment and not be fearful of the future. Tegan is the best of best of capturing special moments and love between people. These photos will be cherished by us forever. We are now happy to say Alex is cancer free. We will always have these photos to remind us of our strength and bond. We can never thank Tegan enough, for the timing and the beautiful quality she continues to deliver. Thank you, Tegan! “

It’s always an honour to capture Sam + Alex. I’m so grateful I was able to give them something they can cherish forever and to remind them of not only how strong they are as individuals, but how they are so much stronger as a couple.


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