Emery Scottlynn- Southwest Saskatchewan Lifestyle Photographer


I grew up being best friends with Wyatt all throughout school and I could always count on him to get my truck stuck and he could count on me to do his math homework or save his ass in a badminton game…

I met Tash playing club volleyball and after the second practice we were quite inseparable. We spent pretty well every weekend together, whether I liked it or not. 

Their love story started when I introduced them to each other. Okay.. so maybe it wasn’t exactly love at first site but I like to take credit for them meeting each other. You know when you see a couple and just know they’re made for each other? That’s Tash and Wyatt. Mostly because I don’t know any other girl who would put up with being scared out of her wits because her husband is hiding in the closet when she gets home from work or having to buy 16 lbs of cereal and milk a week to feed the man. I have loved watching these two love grow and most recently, welcome a little one into the world.

Emery Scottlynn Brown was born August 26, 2017 and she couldn’t be more perfect. Emery is here because of an amazing thing called IVF. It wasn’t an easy journey for Mom and Dad. There’s been a lot of needles, pills, heartache and tears but they didn’t let that stop them. I am SO proud of everything these two have done and I admire their strength and perseverance. She is the biggest miracle and I could not be happier for Tash & Wyatt. I have shed a lot of tears going through these pictures. The love I have for this little girl is unbelievable and I didn’t know I could love someone so much.

Emery, you are so special <3

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